For this round of exploring Maryland and its best places to eat, it is going to be the city of Bethesda. There are 359 restaurants there says one travel site, and as always, we are going to take a peek at four of them. I hope you enjoy these picks, and I might give you a bonus at the end. It’s Bethesda, Maryland with plenty to see and plenty to do, so let’s get to helping you find something to eat. You want to enjoy your dining experiences, and these picks will help you focus on what other types of fun you want to have during your vacation.

This first pick is a really good one because it is a true brunch spot. First of all, the picture of the omelet shown for this restaurant is enormous, and it also looks delicious. Yes, you can get your breakfast there, or you can pick from a great variety of lunch items, too. This also helps you be able to mix and match if you like, and that just means you have even more choices. The restaurant is called Silver, and you can find it on Woodmont Avenue.

The next establishment you are going to like, too, I think. It is called Mamma Lucia, and that Italian food looks scrumptious. Mamma Lucia is located on Elm Street, and the reviewers repeatedly talk about large portions. I can just see a huge plate of lasagna with garlic bread now. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious meal to you?

What’s up next? Barrel and Crow is the next restaurant. Wait, you don’t have to eat crow, do you? In all seriousness, this establishment is located on Cordell Avenue, and it serves up fried green tomatoes, duck and crab beignets, among many other delicious dishes. That is a different type of place for sure, a new experience to be had at a top restaurant in Bethesda MD.

Cava Mezze Grill is the next featured restaurant, and it is found on Bethesda Avenue. That sounds like an easy find and perhaps a great location. This is a restaurant that serves up Mediterranean food, and so I am already thinking lamb and bread with hummus, what about you. This is going to be a great place to enjoy a nice dinner for sure.

This last featured restaurant has a really unique name, Pines of Rome, and it is located on Hampden Lane. At this establishment, you can enjoy flounder, white pizza, rum cake and so much more. This is an Italian restaurant, perhaps its own version. Pines of Rome sounds like a really nice restaurant. Now, we are out of time, but I said I would give you a bonus. The bonus restaurant is Kapnos Kouzina, and you can find it on Hampden Lane. Enjoy your time spent in Bethesda, Maryland.